About Guruji

Guru ji, Words are not sufficient to describe about Guru ji, He is a mirror that will show you your true self and help you elevate yourself, provided you want to rise. As soon as you come in the proximity of Gurudev Ji, you experience the energy and sought of positivity within-an indication that you are in the right place. When you are blessed with Guru ji.

You will start growing like a seed to plant and start becoming a fruitful tree, This will be thrash-holded by Guru ji only. Guru ji has the power to cleanse you and transform you and help you to identify yourself with grace of Maa Kalka.

In today's world, it is difficult to find a genuine guru.

"When you are moving blindly through the valley of life, stumbling in darkness, you need the help of someone who has eyes. You need a guru. To follow one who is enlightened is the only way out of the great muddle that has been created in the world."

About Darbar

The darbar is called SAMPURAN JYOTI DARBAR of Maa Kalka & Maa Vaishnu Devi with all deities. This darbar is located at Hansi Road, Karnal in Haryana State, India In this Darbar Maa Kalka is Virajman in Vaishnu Roop. All Bhogs, Poojan & Rituals are performed in Vaishnu Way. This Darbar is full of Miracles experiencing the pilgrims on daily basis. The Guru ji showers the love & blessing to every pilgrim. Darbar regards & respect every Dharma & never distinguish based on Status, Dharam, Caste & Culture.

Every festival is celebrated with blessing of Guru ji who showers the blessing of Goddess Mahakali Maa.

This place is of full positive vibrations which can be felt by any individual.

During Jagran People get the answers from Maa Kalka & get the solutions of their Problems & Queries at the same time.

The Darbar is Managed under the Guidance of Guru ji & followed by Chola-dharis & Sewadars.

Chola-Dharis :- These are dikshit shisya of Guru ji, They are responsible for all types of managements during Jagran, Kanya Poojan, Bhandara etc. with the help of Sewadars.

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