Get Aware from Cyber Crimes

What is

Cyber Sipahi is a school based youth development initiative that trains school and college students to evolve as future leaders of society by inculcating within them respect for digital world, empathy for vulnerable sections of society and resistance to cyber crimes.

The project also enables youth to explore and develop their innate capabilities, there by empowering them to resist the growth of negative tendencies such as social media intolerance, financial fraud and other cyber attacks. Equally, it strengthens within then commitment towards their family, the community and cyber environment.

Features of

An association between the educational and security framework of a society, that trains and encourages youth to develop respect for cyber world.


Uses exiting network, infrastructure and leadership qualities to supplement mental, social and educational development of youth.


Enables school communities to create safe school environments and confident youth willing to reach against cyber crimes and find solution to community problems.


Stimulates parents and community leaders to work with students (cyber sipahi) in creating safer communities.


It is going to be India’s biggest cyber security awareness programme. This event is followed by security awareness session to groom the students with the basics of cyber crime. The project has awareness sessions across school and colleges.


Awareness session will help the students to learn how to fight against cyber criminals and how to protect you from being hacked. The live interactive sessions and real life cyber crime import to knowledge to prepare them for a convert attack.


The need for a school-level intervention such as cyber sipahi project drives from a combination of sociological, economical and security factor that are expected to influence the future global standing of nature.

Significances of cyber sipahi project:-

• Challenges of cyber crimes

• Problem of society

• Impact of cyber world on society

• Social responsibilities to reduce cyber crimes

Phase I

Registration in Schools and Colleges

Indian Cyber Army will draw up a list of schools and colleges, who have expressed an interest to commence cyber sipahi. These schools and colleges must be willing to support cyber sipahi project implementation.

Interested schools and colleges will coordinate with us. Students of schools and colleges will register online at our website All the details of the registration available at our website. Students of schools and colleges can find out all the details related to registration there.

Interested school and colleges can also e-mail us to approach for the participation in this mission.

Phase II

Selection of Students

We will conduct a quiz competition at school and college level. According to the result of that competition we will select five students from school and college each.

After selecting these students, we will train them at our level. Then, these five students of the school are the team leaders for their school and they will make a team of five members each with the coordination of college leaders of their team. Except the school team leader who already made a team of five, can join two members each in their team from the school. And this chain will continuously form.

Phase III

Awarness Campaign

All the team will conduct awareness campaign in their nearby villages or areas. Only 2 or 3 members from a team can go for the campaign at one selected area and rest can go at other place.

This awareness campaign will be conducted or organized by students at every Sunday or in holidays. In this campaign our Cyber Sipahi’s (students) will aware the people about cyber crimes and its threats and how can they protect their selves from cyber criminals.

Reporting &

Activity Calendar

After each session, Team leaders (school & colleges leaders) will draw up a school- specific cyber sipahi activity calendar, meant for the members in that school. This schedule will follow the guidelines & instruction, which is a timetable of activities that are expected to follow.

School-level Programme Monitoring

Every month, college leaders with the coordination of school leaders will prepare and submit a report for the team on the implementation of cyber sipahi in that school. The monthly Performance report is in the form of a pre-designed format, with provision for including all details relevant to such a report.

Assessment & Evaluation

There is a need for timely and ongoing Monitoring of the progress of cyber sipahi programme implementation in each school. This will be done through a structured reporting progress, involving at various level, such as, cyber sipahi activity calendar and school-level programme monitoring.

Indoor Training

The goal of indoor training is to inculcate discipline in the mind of cyber sipahi’s and develop in them capability and endurance to carry out their responsibilities.

Industry expert will conduct their training for cyber sipahi, including cyber law and online safety measures, etc., or per the cyber sipahi activity calendar.

Field Visit

In order to increase effectiveness of indoor classes as well as ensure achievement of project objectives, field visit to establishments that administer, implement and adjudicate the cyber-laws, cyber ethics and social media responsibilities must be conducted and study reports on such visit prepared for the community. Cyber security experts will coordinate with police, Teachers and Students to arrange such visits.

College Students

In order to assist the school students on the implementation of cyber sipahi Project. The college leader has executive responsibility for the project implementation, with school leaders in the area.

School Leaders

They will assist the rest of the student of their school and provide them training in order to implement the cyber sipahi project. They will report to the regular basis to their college leaders about their field visits and performances.

Cyber Sipahi

The rest of school students with their leaders shall be designated as cyber sipahi’s. They will have field level responsibility of cyber sipahi project implementation in the school. They will report their leaders on field visits on regular basis.


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