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There are a lot of things that a person looks for in a ERP software But the most important thing is its features.
There are numerous features present in Bling Pro ERP.


Management of inventory is main for this type of software. It helps the owner to keep track of his goods.


It is used to set up chart accounts which is used for the purpose of giving reports to the management or to the owner about cash payable, cash received, fixed assets, purchasing etc

Invoice generation

Many software requires a lot of time and hard work to create an invoice but through Bling pro ERP software get it ready in less than a minute.


This software assigns different roles. Through this software, work is divided into 3 categories Inventory, Ledger and Invoice generation.


It is used to refer to the financial status of your business operation that contains your accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and trial balances.



It is quite difficult to optimize your products. But with this software you can easily edit products, update the price and inventory easily.


With this software, it would be easy for you to know order information and shipping process and makes it easy for you to collaborate with them.


Purchase management tells important information like when to buy your product, what to buy and how much to buy for your business.


Bling pro ERP helps you to know the capacity of your facility and to maintain a production schedule so that your customers can get the product on time.


Bling pro ERP helps you to have proper information about your store and its products.All manages all stock operation which makes it the best ERP software till date.


A financial management system stores and analyzes all of your financial data. This includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, costs and budgets.

About US

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Since 2000, with headquarters in New Delhi, Bling pro is providing related services to the clients all over the world for efficiently managing the implementation process of cloud-based ERP, on-demand ERP and online ERP for different industrial verticals, serving domestic as well as international sectors. Bling Pro brings forward an innovative and fresh approach to your organization, providing directly without any kind of liaison.

Our prior goal is to surpass all the expectations of our client by providing outstanding customer support service, greater value and increased flexibility which in results optimize system functionality and improve operational efficiency. Our consultants are famed for their aptitude of functional and technical knowledge coupled with their hands-on experience and ensure that our respected clients take advantages of the professional and most effective service.

Why Bling Pro?

Our bling pro software provides numerous features. An inventory is essential to keep an eye on your products. Second is the ledger, with this you can easily know your everyday profits.. Invoice generation is important but it also takes much time to create a new one every time for different products but with our help, you can easily get your invoice ready within seconds making it easy to sell your product.

Management of your organization can be difficult especially for a bigger organization. It can be hard to keep a track of everyday activity but through our inventory option, you can easily know information like when to buy your product, what to buy and how much to buy for your business.

Bling pro software assigns different roles to your organization which makes it the best ERP software till date. Through our bling pro software, you can have proper information about your stock and production management.


Stock reports

Through this software, it is easy to keep records of stocks in your warehouse. This makes the information accurate .

Quotation reports

Quotation is a standard process in any business through which you can change or update the price of your products.

Sale purchase report

With the help of our software it would be easy for you to keep a record of all your products. It also keeps the history of products that have been sold out.


The very first step in preparing in implementing an ERP solution is a concrete business process. The organizational chart should be well defined, the different roles of each function and the process documentation/accountability.

Once the above is established, next step is to establish a steering committee who will manage the project. The team can come from internally or thru a third party. Their role will be the interface between the management, end-users and the solutions provider.

The implementation timeframe varies depending on the modules being implemented. In our experience, we can implement as early as one month for an accounting module. This is based on the assumption that the user or the company already knows what to expect and have necessary data available right away.

On-premise is the traditional licensing model where the user acquires the license per user or per company installed in the user’s office site or premises. After a certain period depending on the arrangement with the solutions provider, user undergoes support agreement that ensures upgrades and support for questions or issues that will arise when the user is using it live. Both client-server and web-based platform products offer the on-premise model.

Since the organization’s feature requirements are more or less concrete after establishing the business process flow and documentation, the company should already be equipped in preparing the requirements in detail. Some call this as an RFQ document or request for quotation. These are given to the vendor where they give feedback if the feature is available in their product, not available or for customization.

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